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Nitro Unright
How long have you been acting? (2yrs)
How did you come up with your name? (Grew Up At The Drag Strip) What’s your favorite prop? (Spiked Sledge Hammer)
Where can people find you during season?
(Nitrounright) Instagram (NitroUnRight)
What got you into being a scare actor? (Fellow Haunt Actors)



I first acted about 8 years ago this is my 2nd year actually doing it as a character after not working for a few years I have been at the Haunted Chicken House this is my 2nd year there. My name came from basically thinking back to ghost busters and ectoplasm because I wanted something that was different . Favorite prop is my baseball bat. www.tiktok.com/@ektodaklown I became a scare actor because I love Halloween and love to entertain people and also scare people at the same time. Plus I love the haunt family and friends I have gained over the time


25 years I like fire and smoke so Smokey fit my prop witch is my horn Haunt season we can be found at Marr Branch Haunted House Tictok Smokeyblinky a good buddy got me into a scare actor with a volunteer fire Department and that set ot off from there Also Facebook they can find us under Smokeyblinky


Kaos Unright
I've been acting since I was 12 I'm 38 now it hasn't been consistent I've been acting now for the last 3 years consistent for 3 years It just kind of came to me cuz that's what I caused I don't really have a set prop I guess my set prop would be my voice Hangman's House of horrors as well as most conventions around the Texas area https://linktr.ee/Kaosunright My love for all things horror Gore blood and guts, And soulless kustoms are my favorite people


9 years I was given a mask of someone else’s face and Defaced was born. Hay hook. Hangman’s House of Horrors in Fort Worth Texas. Gotta make a tik tok. It’ll probably be Defaced Unright. I love scaring the living crap out of people. Haunting makes is socially acceptable lol

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5 years My deceased neighbor gave me my name when I was younger and when she died I made my name in Remembrance to her Currently don’t have a favorite prop Currently on medical leave so my season is over probably permanently @westvirginiadoodles My best friend


Mr. Hyde


              libra Unright
How long have you been acting? For Libra 4 years How did you come up with your name? It's my zodiac sign and the Unright given name What’s your favorite prop? Whip Where can people find you during season? Facebook or TikTok What’s your TikTok? libraunright8083 What got you into being a scare actor? My haunted house which I do not have Libra in there yet


8 years Sometimes Squeeks hides within herself and becomes non vocal, and talks only with squeaks Cuddles, my saw blade side kick. Hiding within the walls of hangman's house of horrors. Cleverrose Friends, and a new adventure!!!


4 years was given the name by someone at my home haunt.  Malice haunted attraction in Belfast Tn. Chucklestheclown69. I always loved haunt went through many in my teenage years and knew I’d fit in when I found malice.


For 10 years
I like sparkly things
A bedazzled bat
Im a traveling actor
Being an actor is a outlet
from everyday life.