Every project starts with an idea, Here we would like to share a glimpse into what we have in store for the future.

Custom sculpted Hypoallergenic masks

Imagine having a mask that is custom sculpted just for you. one that is durable like latex, with better movement, one that you can wear season after season, event after event. easy to clean with actual hair you can wash and style how ever you would like. but that"s not the best part, they are affordable and it will be a true one of a kind mask . 


Business Bundles

Every business likes to have "swag", merchandise, and personalized items, what if we told you we could give you a bundle tailored to your business and its needs, one that would offer you just the right amount of merchandise without breaking your bank.


Here at Soulless Kustomz we will always be working on what's next, we have made it our personal goal to make sure you as our customer will always have something new to choose from.