About Soulless Kustomz

We started our journey 3 years ago as a extra source of income, over the years our little business has grown into a reliable company with amazing product.


where it all started 

Htv Pressed mugs 

started with plain mugs and added our own touch 

one of our very first items ever made was a heat transfer mug, this was made using a htv vinyl and heat press in a small office at home. 

Small vinyl decals 

made using just a little cricut 

Using nothing more than a cricut and a 12x12 mat, endless hours of weeding and adding transfer tape. we started out selling local at events making 20 to 100 decals a week at some points. 

• 2019•

we noticed we were really starting to grow and started taking on sponsorships.

• 2022•

Over 5000 items sold so far!

From one decal and heat pressed mug, to Bulk orders for Haunted attractions, to orders shipped across the world, this once small town name has slowly grown and continues to grow more each day and with every sale. If it wasn't for our loyal customers, friends and family we wouldnt be sitting here today with over 5000 sales.


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